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July 23-25 or 24-25, Windsor Locks CT $8,000 GUARANTEED PRIZES!

5SS, Sheraton Hotel, I Bradley Airport (visible ai airport entrance), Windsor Locks. Free parking, free airport shuttle. Choice of 3-day or 2-day schedule. Reduced room rates- now $87 single or twin! In 4 sections:

Open Section: Prizes SI 000-500-300-200, top Under 2200/UnrS600-300, FIDE rated, 50 Grand Prix Points (enhanced).

U2000 Section: S800-400-200-100, top Under 1800 $500-250. U1GOO Scction: $700-400-200-100, top Under 1400 $450-250. U1200 Section: $300-200-100, top Under 1000 $150. No unrated may win aver $100 in Under 1200 Section, $300 in Under 1600 or $500 in Under 2000. Balance goes to next player(s) in line.

FOR FULL DETAILS: see "Grand Prix" in this issue.

Tournament Life

2, others before rd 5. Entries, re-entries close 1 hour before your first game. Bring sets, boards, clocks if possible- none supplied. HR: Scanticon or Radisson $99-99,610-337-2000,888-267-1500 askfor chess rate, may sell out about May 25, two night minimum July 3-4. Backup hotel: Dolce (formerly Hilton), $99-99, 610-337-1200 ask for chess rate. Special car rental rates: Avis, 800-331-1600, AWD #D657633, or reserve car online through Foreign player ratings: Usually 100 pts added to FIDE (except Open Section), 100 to fQe, 200 or more to most foreign, no pts added to CFC, Puerto Rico or Jamaica. Some foreign ratings not accepted for U2000 or below. Highest of multiple ratings usually used. Players who fail to disclose foreign or FIDE ratings may be expelled. US player ratings: Official JULY ratings used; FIDE ratings (May list) used for Open Section only Unofficial ratings based on 4 or more games usually used if otherwise unrated. Special rules: 1) Players must submit to a search for electronic devices if requested by Director. In round 3 or after, players with scores over 80% and their opponents may not use headphones, earphones, cellphones or go to a differentfloor of the hotel without Director permission. Ent: Continental Chess, Box 249, Salisbury Mills, NY 12577. Questions:, 845-496-9658. You may request "lowest possible section" if July rating unknown. $15 service charge for refunds. Advance entries will be posted at Bring set, board, clock if possible- none supplied. Chess Magnet School JGP (except U900).

A Heritage Event!

July 3-5 or 4-5, California Southern Grand Prix Points: 30 50th Annual Pacific Southwest Open

6-SS, 40/2, SD/1 (2-day schedule rds 1-3 G/60, then merges). LAX Hilton, 5711 W. Century Blvd., Los Angeles, CA 90045. $$8,000 b/200,50% of each prize guaranteed. 2 sections: Open, $$1400-700-400-300-200, U2200 $600-300-150, U2000 $600-300-150. Amateur, open to U1800/Unr, $$600-300-150, U1600 500250-150, U1400 400-250, U1200 150, Unr. 150. Unr. May win Unrated prize only. All, EF $69 if rec'd by 7-2, $79 at site. SCCF memb. req'd of So. Californians ($18, jrs. U18 $10, includes Rank&File magazine). Reg.: 3-day 9-10 a.m. 7-3,2-day 8:30-9:30 a.m. 7-4. Rds.: 3-day: 10:30-5 Fri-Sat, 10-4:30 Sun. 2-day: 1012:15-2:30 Sat., then merges. Ent: SCCF, c/o John Hillery, 835 N. Wilton Pl. #1, Los Angeles CA 90038, on line at HR: $89 (310) 4104000, mention chess. Parking $10/day. Inf: [email protected]. NS, W, F. State Championship Qualifier. Chess Magnet School JGP.

July 8, New York Grand Prix Points: 10 (enhanced) 10 Grand Prix Points Tonight!

4-SS, G/30. Chess Center atMarshall Club, 23 West 10 St., bet. 5-6 Ave., NYC: 212-477-3716. EF: $35, Club membs $25, GMs free ($20 from prize), may be limited to 1st 36 entries. $$ 560 Gtd: $$ 200-110-50, Top U2200/unr $105, U2000 $95. Limit 2 byes (1 bye for U2000), commit by 8:15. Reentry $15. CCA ratings may be used. Class pairings OK rd. 4. Rds 7-8:15-9:30-10:45 pm. Phone entry often impossible. EFs $5 EXTRA IF UNDER 10 MINUTES BEFORE GAME!

July 9-11 or 10-11, Ohio Grand Prix Points: 60 (enhanced.) 2010 Columbus Open

5-SS, 30/90, SD/60 (2-day schedule, rd. 1G/90), ALL PRIZES UNCONDITIONALLY GUARANTEED. 3 sections: Open, open to all. G $1200,800,500; U2200, $550, 250; Premier, open to 1999/below. $550, 250; U1800, $550, 250; Reserve, open to 1599/below. $550,250; U1400 $550,250; All EF: $75 if rec'd by 7/3. $85 at site. $15 less for scholastic players under 1200. Free to Sr. Master/above who complete their schedule. 3-day schedule: Reg. Ends Fri. 6:30 p.m., Rds: Fri. 7 p.m.; Sat. 2 p.m., 7:30 p.m.; Sun. 9:30 a.m., 3 p.m. 2-day schedule: Reg. Ends Sat. 9:30 a.m. Rd 1 at 10 a.m., then merges with 3-day schedule. Re-entry: $20. Any player who loses Fri. night may re-enter for $20 and loss will not count in tournament standings! One 1/2-pt. Bye available in Rds 1-4 (request required prior to Rd 1). Unrated players may play in any section. $25 upset prize each section. N.S. A/C; HOTELS: HOLIDAY INN AIRPORT, 750 STELZER RD., COLUMBUS, 43219 (WITH EXPANDED PLAYING SPACE). (614) 2376360. ROOM RATE: $85.00 plus tax. Chess rate available through July 1st while rooms last. ENT: C/O Lou Friscoe, 1645 Glenn Avenue, Columbus, Ohio 43212. Inquires: (614) 486-6856. Entry forms available at our website: Chess Magnet School JGP.

A Heritage Event! A State Championship Event! July 10-11, New Hampshire Grand Prix Points: 60 60th New Hampshire Open

4-SS, 40/2, SD/1. Courtyard Marriott Nashua, 2200 Southwood Dr., Nashua, NH 03063 (exit8 off EverettTnpk.) 603-880-9100. HR: $99, mention NH Chess. $$G: $7,320. In seven sections. Championship: FIDE Rated. EF if rec'd by 7/8: $72, U1900 $112; GMs, IMs, 2400/above free. $$G 1000-700-400-300, U2400 $300 bonus*, U2300 $300, U2200 $270-180. State Champ. title and $100 bonus to top NH resident. U2060: EF $66 by 7/8. $$G 500-260-160. U1860: EF $66 by 7/8. $$G 500-260-160. U1660: EF $60 by 7/8. $$G 400-220-140. U1460: EF $54 by 7/8. $$G 300-200-130. U1260: EF $48 by 7/8. $$G 240-120, U1060 $120-60. All: EF $8 more at site. Sunday Swiss (7/11 only). 3-SS, G/60. EF $30 by 7/8, $35 at site. $$100-50-30 (b/8). Sun Swiss Reg.: 9:30-10:30am Sunday. Rds.: 11-1:30-4.Two-day Reg.: 8:30-9:30am Sat., Rds. 10-5, 9:30-4:30. One 1/2 pt. bye OK for Rds. 1-3 if requested with entry. Ent: NH Chess Assn., Alex Relyea, 49 Technology Dr., #89, Bedford, NH 03110. Cks payable to "NHCA." Info: HalTerrie, 603-668-8368 or [email protected] NS, NC,W. (*"bonus" notfactored with any place prizes in case of ties.) Chess Magnet School JGP.

July 10-11 or 11, New York Grand Prix Points: 6 Marshall July Grand Prix

4SS, 30/90, SD/1. Marshall CC, 23 W. 10 St., NYC, 212-477-3716. EF: $45, Members $25. $$625 Gtd: 250-100-75, U2200/Unrated $100, U2000 $100. Reg. ends 15 min. before game. Rds.: 2 schedules: 2-day, rds 12:30-5:30 pm each day; 1 -day, (rds 1-2 G/30), 10-11:15 am-12:30-5:30 pm Sun; both merge rd 3. Limit

2 byes, request at entry. NO RE-ENTRY. May be limited to first 60 players. Chess Magnet School JGP.

July 15-18,16-18 or 17-18, California Southern Grand Prix Points: 150 (enhanced) 15th annual Pacific Coast Open

6SS, 40/2, SD/1 (2-day option, rds 1-3 G/50). Renaissance Agoura Hills Hotel, 30100 Agoura Road, Agoura Hills, CA 91301 (US-101 to Reyes Adobe Road exit). Adjacent to the Santa Monica Mountains, 26 miles west of Burbank, 12 miles from Malibu, 28 miles from Ventura. Free parking. Prizes $25,000 based on 230 paid entries (re-entries & $60 off entries count half), minimum $20,000 (80% each prize) guaranteed. In 6 sections. Open: $3000-1500-700-400, clear or tiebreak win $100 bonus, top U2300/Unr $1600-800. FIDE. Under 2100: $2000-1000-500-300. Under 1900: $2000-1000-500-300. Under 1700: $20001000-500-300. Under 1500: $1800-900-500-300. Under 1200: $1000-500300-200. Unrated may enter any section, with prize limit U2100 $1000, U1900 $800, U1700 $600, U1500 $400, U1200 $200; balance goes to next player(s) in line. Top 5 sections EF: 4-day $134,3-day $133,2-day $132 mailed by 7/7, all $135 online at by 7/11, $140 phoned by 7/11 (406-896-2038, entry only, no questions), $150 (no checks, credit cards OK) at tmt. GMs free; $120 deducted from prize. EF for all in U1200 and unrated in U1500: all $60 less. SCCF membership ($18, jrs $10) required for rated Southern CA residents. Re-entry $70; not available in Open Section. Unofficial ratings based on 4 or more games usually used if otherwise unrated. Special 1 year USCF dues with Chess Life if paid with entry. Online at, Adult $30, Young Adult $20. Mailed, phoned or paid at site, Adult $40, Young Adult $30.4-day schedule: Reg Thu to 6:30 pm, rds Thu 7 pm, Fri 7 pm, Sat 11-6, Sun 10-4:30. 3-day schedule: Reg. Fri to 11 am, rds Fri 127, Sat 11-6, Sun 10-4:30. 2-day schedule: Reg Sat to 9 am, rds Sat 10-12:45-3:15-6, Sun 10-4:30. All schedules: Half point byes OK all, limit 2, Open must commit before rd 2, other sections before rd 4. HR: $87-87, 818707-1220, request chess rate, reserve by 7/1 or rate may increase. Car rental: Avis, 800-331-1600, use AWD #D657633. Ent: Continental Chess, PO Box 249, Salisbury Mills, NY 12577. $15 service charge for refunds. Questions:, 845-496-9648. Advance entries posted at Chess Magnet School JGP. July 16-18 or 17-18, Illinois Grand Prix Points: 120 (enhanced) 3rd Annual Chicago Class Championships

5SS, 40/2, SD/1 (2-day option, rds 1-2 G/75). Under 1000 & Under 700 Sections: 6SS, G/75, 7/17-18 only. Doubletree Hotel Chicago/Oak Brook, 1909 Spring Rd (near I-88 Cermak Rd exit), Oak Brook, IL 60521. Free parking. No residence requirements. $20,000 guaranteed prizes and trophies. In 9 sections; no unrated in Master, unrated allowed in Under 700 only if age 15 or below. Master (2200/up): $2000-1000-500-300, clear win or 1st on tiebreak $100, top U2300 $800-400. FIDE. Expert (2000-2199/Unr): $1300-700-400-300. Class A (1800-1999/Unr): $1300-700-400-300. Class B (1600-1799/Unr): $1300-700-400-300. Class C (1400-1599/Unr): $1200-600-400-200. Class D (1200-1399/Unr): $1000-500-300-200. Class E (Under 1200/Unr): $1000-500-


USCF's 63rd ANNUAL 2010 Open Correspondence Chess Golden Knights Championship $1,000 First Prize

(plus title of USCF's Golden Knights Champion and plaque) • 2nd place $600 • 3rd place $400 • 4th place $300 • 5th place $200 • 6th thru 10th place $100 each. Entry fee: $25.

These USCF Correspondence Chess events are rated and open to all USCF members who reside on the North American continent, islands, or Hawaii, as well as those USCF members with an APO or FPO address. USCF members who reside outside of the North American continent are welcome to participate in e-mail events. Your USCF membership must remain current for the duration of the event, and entry fees must be paid in U.S. dollars. Those new to USCF Correspondence Chess, please estimate your strength: Class A: 1800-1999 (very strong); Class B: 1600-1799 (strong); Class C: 1400-1599 (intermediate); Class D: 1399 and below (beginner level). Note: Prize fund based on 300 entries and may be decreased proportionately per number of entries assigned.

USCF's 7th ANNUAL 2010 E-mail Correspondence Chess Electronic Knights Championship

(Seven-player sections, one game with each of six opponents.)

$700 First Prize

(plus title of USCF's Electronic Knights Champion and plaque) • 2nd place $400 • 3rd place $300 • 4th thru 10th place $100 each. Entry fee: $25.

These USCF Correspondence Chess events are rated and open to all USCF members with e-mail access. Your USCF membership must remain current for the duration of the event, and entry fees must be paid in U.S. dollars.

Maximum number of tournament entries allowed for the year for each player is ten.

Note: Prize fund based on 200 entries and may be decreased proportionately per number of entries assigned.

Correspondence Chess Matches (two players)

• $5 entry fee per person with two, four or six-game options.

Win A Correspondence Chess Trophy

• Four-player, double round-robin with class-level pairings. • lst-place winner receives a trophy.

Victor Palciauskas Prize Tournaments

• Seven-player class-level pairings, one game with each of six opponents. • Players must have a USCF CC rating to enter. • lst-place winner receives $130 cash prize and a certificate signed by Victor Palciauskas.

John W. Collins Memorial Class Tournaments

• Four-player, double round-robin with class-level pairings (unrateds welcome). • 1 st-place winner receives a John W. Collins certificate.

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