I had expected here (at last!) the sacrifice at g6 and had prepared a real problem in reply. 33.Bxg6 h4! 34.Rg4 fxg6 35.Rxg6 Qf5l 36.Rxg7 Qe4+ 37.Qg2 (forced) 37...Rd1 + 38.Ng1, and now the point, 38...h3 39.Qxe4 Nxe4 threatening mate at f2.

The exploitation of the d-file which now follows is all according to book (I mean my book), but is here embellished by a pretty feature.

34.Bc2 Ne4 35.Rg2 h4 36.Ngl

I was glad to be rid of the Knight and

Not merely to make ...Bh6 possible, but also because the h-pawn has a great role to play.

28.Qg1 Bh6 29.Ne2 d5

Gets rid of the weakness at d6 and soon commands the d-file.

30.cxd5 Rxd5 31.Rxd5 Rxd5 32.f4

f 32.Nd4, then 32...Bf4 33.exf4 Qxd4 34.f5 h4! 35.Rg4 Qc3 and now the f3 Pawn is difficult to defend.

This Knight maneuver makes possible the invasion of the enemy's base (here his 1st and 2nd ranks).


Here I had ┬╗he unpleasant feeling that I had let the Bishop escape, or at least allowed him elbow room .

39.Be4 Fd1

My first thougnt was: What a pity! Now the Queen will also find her way into the open, but then I saw the mating specter loom up, the same one which I had known well since the 33rd move.

40.Qc4 f5 41.Bf3 h3 42.Rg3 Nd3


Copenhagen, 1923

1.d4 Nf6 2.c4 e6 3.Nf3 b6 4.g3 Bb7 5.Bg2 Be7 6.Nc3 0-0 7.0-0 d5 8.Ne5 c6

Safeguards the position. 9.cxd5cxd510.Bf4a6!

40.Qc4 f5 41.Bf3 h3 42.Rg3 Nd3

43.qc2 Rc1

Here I rejoiced over the Queen's involuntary return home.

44.Qe2 Rb1

and 0-1, for the turning move 45...Rb2 will be in deadly effect.

The Impression we get from this game is that the system supports combinative play most effectively.

And now a short game which is especially interesting since the outpost appears only as a threat, as a mere ghost, and yet its effect is enormous.

To protect the outpost station c4, by this move and ...b5.

11.rc1 b5 12.Qb3 Nc6

The ghost! With noiseless steps he presses on to c4.


Samisch sacrifices two tempi (exchange of the tempo-eating Ne5 for the Nc6 which is almost undeveloped) merely to be rid of the ghost.

13...Bxc6 14.h3 Qd7 15.Kh2 Nh5

I could have supplied him with yet jj second ghost by 15...Qb7, and

Nd7-b6-c4, but I wished to turn my attention to $he Kingside.

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