The King proceeds on his walk.

17.Ba3 Bd7 18.Qf3 h5

White's Kingside provides him with a terrible instrument of attack. To blunt this was the object of Black's last move. 18...Bc6, (to counter the threat 19.Nxc4) would not have sufficed. 18...Bc619.f5 followed by f6 and the wedge would have been unendurable.


If 19.gxh5 then comes i9...Nf5, and the Kingside, which had been all ready to march to the attack, is crippled. White should try 19.h3. then 19...hxg4 20.hxg4 Rxh1+ 21.Qxh1.

19...Nxc4 20.BXC4 hxg4

Lunch under dangerous conditions!

23.Bxf5 exf5 24.Qxd5

24.c4 would also have been difficult to parry. The defense would be found in 24...Qc6 25.Qxd5 (and not 25.cxd5 because of 25...Qc3+) 25...Qxd5! 26.cxd5 Bb5!l, for then the establishment of the Bishop at d5 viac4 could not have been prevented.

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