Better would have been 12...Kb813.c3! dxc3 14.Nxc3 Nxb4 15.axb4 Qxc3 16.Be3 Qxd3 l7.Bxa7+ Kc8 18.Rec1 + BcS 19.b5! Qxb5 20.Nd4 with complications. White, had he wanted, could have avoided all of this by playing 13.Bb2.

13.h5 Nge7 14.Bd2 h6 15.a4 g5 16.b5 f4 17.Qg4

The Queen is actually well placed here.

17...Nb818.c3 Re8

Black's only move. It will be noted that the overprotector, the Re1, now has the c-file opened for him without any trouble. In order to avoid loss of material Black has to submit to a curious regrouping of his forces.

19.cxd4 Kd8 20.RC1 Qb6 21.a5 Qa7 22.b6 Qa8

19.cxd4 Kd8 20.RC1 Qb6 21.a5 Qa7 22.b6 Qa8

The Queen finds herself Irfypositlon which would normally only be seen in a problem!

23.RC7 Nf5 24.NC3 Be7 25.Nxd5 Nxd4 26.Nxd4 cxd5

Mate by the Knight follows. A beautiful finish. 1-0.

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