Discovered Check

A short chapter, but rich in dramatic complications.

« /. The degree of relationship between the pin and the discovered check is more closely defined. Where should the piece which discovers the check move !o?

Diagram 94 gives a clear picture of the degree of relationship between the pin and discovered check, and we see from it that the pinned piece, tired of eternal persecution, has changed his color. This change has had the effect of transferring the once sickly youth into a valiant warrior. We can describe a discovered check as a pin in which the pinned piece has passed over with flying colors into the enemy camp. Further, In the discovered check, as in the pin, we have three actors, (1) the piece threatening a check which is now masked by one of its own pieces. (2) the masking piece (3) the piece standing behind the masking piece. These pieces will, for short, be referred to as (1) the threatening piece, (2) the masking piece, (3) the threatened piece. In the pin the immobility of the pinned (masking) piece is the source of all his troubles, but in the discovered check the masking piece enjoys quite astonishing mobility. Any and every square within his reach is open to him. He can even seize a point subject to multiple enemy attacks, for his opponent cannot touch him. since he is in check.

If we examine the possible moves open to such a masking piece, we find that he can do three things:

(a) He can take anything within reach with impunity since the enemy cannot recapture him.

(b) He can attack any major enemy piece, not letting himself for one moment be disturbed by the thought that the square on which he lands by right belongs to the

(c) He can change from one square to another, if for any reason this appears more favorable to him than the one he has just vacated.

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Msuovered check

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