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White has two connected passed pawns on the queenside and a temporary pin on the c-file. Nevertheless his bishop is in a bit of a tight squeeze, he has weak pawns elsewhere and his king is in far more danger than its opposite number.

23 Sdl #b6

...Sf2 could have been played last go and certainly seems likely to appear on the next turn.

The paralysing 25...1re2+ 26 &cl Sf2 looked even stronger.

A typical continuation which sees Black homing in on the c4-square. Now White must also be wary of the possibility of a future ...jk.xc3. 19 Ad4 Axd4 20 2xd4 Sxf4 Probably only now is it really clear that Black is better.

m wm

Taking full advantage of the awkwardly placed c4-rook but, alas, at the same time missing the delightful 27...£kl4! (the c-pawn is pinhed) 28 5xd4 2xa6! 29 ®xa6 #xc3+ 30 Sb2 #xb2 mate.

If, for some reason, you were put off by all that 10 £>xe6 funny business of the last game then you could always side-step it by 9...^xd4 10 Axd4 Ae6.

Black has all spite checks covered and so forces White to resign. Of course, 31...Sxa2+ 32 <4?xa2 #a4+ 33 &b2 fic2 mate wasn't to be sniffed at either!

Game 3 J.Ramalho White R.Guimaraes Black

Portuguese Championship 1999

1 e4 c5 2 &I3 d6 3 d4 cxd4 4 £ixd4 £if6 5 £ic3 g6 6 13 Ag7 7 Ae3 0-0 81Sfd2 £ic6 9 g4 Ae6

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