White Belt Test th Kyu Answers

1. White forces checkmate in two moves by exploiting the imprisonment of the black king on the back rank, namely:

2 HblxbBmate

abcde fgh

2. In this position White can play 3 c!5xe6 en passant since Black's last move was . . . e7-e5. White cannot play 3 d5xc6 en passant, one reason being that the white pawn arrived on d5 after Black had played c7-c5.

3. White has an ingenious checkmate using the knight by means of 1 Sf7-g8-f U fSxgS and now the strike 2 & h6-!7 checkmate.

4. White wins by playing 1 ©a6-g6 with the deadly threat of 2 Sg6xg7 checkmate. The white queen can move right up close to the black king since the white bishop on a2 pins the f7-pawn to the black king and prevents Black's f-pawn capturing White's queen on g6.

5. The answer to this puzzle, which often annoys and frustrates inexperienced players, is that the white rooks must gain a maximum distance from the black king. Hence the solution is not to give any check with either rook, but 1 S d7-a7 &e8-d8. Now White has a choice of checkmates, either with 2 §a7-a8 or with 2 fif7-f8.

If you skipped any of the tests through inexperience of the workings of chess notation or of the pieces, now is the time to go back.




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