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In the diagram at the top of page 61, White's king is in check from Black's queen on M, There are three ways of stopping the check:

1. White can move his king with &elfl or &ele2 or &eldl.

2. White can take the Black queen with ©h7xb4.

3. White can interpose a piece to block the check. There are six moves to achieve this, namely, c2c3, &blc3, &bld2, JLcld2, Sh3-c3, and Sa3~c3.

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Of these choices, White's only good move is the second, Sh7xb4, Otherwise, Black's queen will capture White's, achieving an overwhelming material advantage of nine points.

The diagram below shows check. White can escape by moving his king to g2 or h2.


The next case is terminal. As in the previous diagram, White is in check from the black rook, but here there is no escape route. It is checkmate, Whites pawns trap his own king.


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