Escaping from check

There are three ways of evading check.

1. By moving the king out of harm's way. But remember that you may not move it to another square on which it would also be in check.

2. By capturing the enemy piece that delivers the check.

3. By interposing a friendly unit to block the check (except in the case of a knight check).

If you can stop a check in more than one way, choose the move you think best.

Announcing check

If a player is in. check and plays a move that fails to stop it, he has moved illegally and must retract. To save their opponents from this kind of embarrassment, most players (except in formal tournaments) courteously announce that thcv have played a cheeking move by saying "check" as they put down the piece.

It is also customary to indicate a check when writing down a move. This is done by adding the symbol + to the normal description of the move, as in <4a5-d8+ (below), where White's king is in check from Black's bishop and must therefore move. The crosses indicate the squares that are legal refuges.

Before check

After check

Before check

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