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World Chess Live sponsors $20,000 at the 2008 Grand Prix!

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Welcome to World Chess Live (WCL), a new family-friendly service with special benefits for USCF members. WCL is pleased to sponsor USCF's 2008 Grand Prix (GP) and 2008 Junior Grand Prix. We're providing prize funds of $20,000 and $7,500 (in cash, merchandise, and memberships), and will also be running online grand prize satellite events throughout the year. This month's WCL GP standings reflect a battle between "youth" and "experience" in which both sides came out ahead. On the experience side, the rankings show Los Angeles GM Melikset Khachiyan rewarded for his recent strong performances. The 38-year-old Khachiyan achieved an all-time high official rating of 2519, according to the January 2009 FIDE supplement.

Khachiyan started to make some headway in the GP by finishing in the money at the Los Angeles Open in early November. But it was winning the 44th Annual American Open, an 80 GP point tournament, that catapulted Khachiyan into fame, fortune, and—most importantly— the fifth-place spot in the Grand Prix rankings. On the youth side, IM Alex Lenderman of Brooklyn College in New York is just points away from making GP history. A single tournament win—no matter how few GP points are up for grabs—could allow the young international master to pull off a major upset against 2008's front-runner, GM Sergey Kudrin. Lenderman has been pulling closer to Kudrin since the start of the race, and at just 19 years old, the aspiring mathematician is show ing us how small numbers can add up to big ones by playing in as many Grand Prix events as possible. Lenderman has now scored Grand Prix points in an astonishing 28 tournaments, more tournaments than Kudrin and Khachiyan combined. As the final scores of the 2008 Grand Prix are tallied, recounted, and tallied again, will Lenderman find the few extra points he needs to triumph? Or will experience dominate youth in a photo-finish? Keep track of the latest Grand Prix standings by going to GP-standings.php, and be sure to visit the Grand Prix headlines homepage at uscf/GrandPrix08/Standings.html for the latest reporting and news from WCL. Jonathan Hilton

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