Silver Affiliates

Indiana State Chess Association

Michigan Chess Association

Oklahoma Chess Foundation

Orange Crush Chess Club (IN)

[email protected]

Sparta Chess Club (NJ)

Renaissance Knights (IL)


Any affiliate that has submitted at least 50 USCF memberships during the current or previous calendar year, or is the recognized State Affiliate, is eligible to become a Gold Affiliate. Gold Affiliates are honored in a spe cial list in larger type in Tournament Life each month, giving the affiliate name, address, phone number, e mail address, and website. Gold Affiliation costs $350 per year, and exist ing affiliates may substract $3 for each month remaining on their regular affiliation, or $20 for each month remaining on their Silver Affil iation. As of August 6, 2007, by paying an annual payment of $500 (instead of $350), Gold Affiliate status may be obtained with no minimum requirement for memberships submitted.

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