After 39. Rxd7

After 39. Rxd7

OK, I missed mate in seven with 39. ... Qa1+, but there's a Russian proverb that says that winning a piece is better than a long mate, as you might miss something in the mate.

40. Kf2 Qa2+, White resigned.

Fortunately the capture on b3 also guards f7, so White resigned. ■

Some of the other games described in this article can be found on Chess Life Online, October archives. Others are on the World Senior Open 2008 web site, www.seniorenschachde/en. See the July 2008 Chess Life to read about Kaufman's U.S. Senior Championship.

The U. S. Contingent

Men [Open]

IM Larry Kaufman IM Albert Kapengut Jude Acers Dan Mayers Eduard Zelkind Leonid Bondar Hans Morrow Natalya Zelkind


WIM Esther Epstein

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