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Information for Organizers, TDs, and Affiliates

Organizing a 2009 Grand Prix Event

To qualify, an event must be USCF-rated (regular or quick) and meet these criteria:

• All USCF-rated players over 2199 must be eligible to play in the top (or only) section.

• The prize fund for which all masters are eligible must equal or exceed $300 guaranteed.

• Class prizes for Under 2300 or a higher rating requirement qualify towards GP points, but if they exceed 25% of the total qualifying Grand Prix money, they count as 25% of the total.

• Other than entry fees and USCF dues, no charges over $25 are permitted.

• The tournament must be submitted for the Tournament Life section of Chess Life and designated by the submitter as a Grand Prix tournament.

• Only players who are USCF members during the tournament may earn GP points. Foreign GMs, IMs, WGMs, and WIMs can play without being members, but they will not obtain Grand Prix points unless they join.

• Conditions concerning USCF Grand Prix tournaments are subject to review and adjustment by the USCF Executive Director.

The top prizes must be unconditionally guaranteed (or if a Grand Prix event's prize fund is based on entries, only the absolutely guaranteed minimum payout counts for point awards) and announced in Chess Life.

Even if prizes are raised at the tournament, no additional points can be awarded because the bonus would be unfair to players who may otherwise have entered. If you have questions about the Grand Prix, please contact Chuck Lovin-good at [email protected] or 931-787-1234 ext. 148.

Guaranteed Grand Prix points awarded for:

Top Prizes_1st 2nd 3rd 4th 5th 6th 7th 8th 9th 10th Tot


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