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A great many players are active in tournaments run and rated by USCF. Most popular is the annual Golden Knights Championship, a three-stage event, although USCF offers several other options. You'll find advertisements for these events in every issue of Chess Life. Many over-the-board players find that correspondence chess improves their play, and correspondence also appeals to those who for various reasons cannot play in over-the-board tournaments. There is no limit to the number of games one can have going at once. For further information, contact Correspondence Chess Dept. at the U.S. Chess Federation, P.O. Box 367, Sayre, PA 18840. The correspondence rating system is similar to the OTB system, and a written explanation is free on request (a stamped, self-addressed envelope is appreciated). Players who earn ratings over 2000 and have 25 or more games rated are issued special certificates. If you qualify and haven't received one, please write to us.

International correspondence chess titles are awarded by the International Correspondence Chess Federation, an affiliate of FIDE. Titles are awarded for outstanding performance in ICCF-sponsored events.

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