G xh

This move leaves White without any winning chances. The position is now drawn, although Black still has to be vigilant. The other possible continuation was:

46 g3 © h6 © 47 ^g2 Sa2 © 48 Ha8 4?h5 49 a7 Sal! © 50 f4 exf3+ © 51 &xf3 Sfl+52 <4>e2 ttal and Black holds the position. g3-g4 will always be met by ...(i)h4. It is important to prevent the white king from going to f7, as in that case g3-g4 wins. Therefore, whenever White threatens to cross the e-file, the black rook must come to a3, and White will not be able to make any progress.

© 46 ^g3 is bad because of 46...f4+. After 46 Ha8 <^>h4 White has to play g2-g3 anyway.

© In principle Black has less problems defending his position when the pawn is at h7. On the other hand, he always has to calculate whether or not White can take it.

© The breakthrough f2-f3(f4) causes

Black more problems than the threat of moving the king via fl to the queenside. Let us examine this position:

abcdefg h abcdefg h

2 "¿>cl?! The weakest of the three possibilities. 2...2a2 3 <4>bl 2a5 4 <£>b2 2b5+ 5 <^a3 2b6 6 <4>a4 Se6 7 3?b5 2e5+ 8 4>c4 2e6 and White cannot make any progress.

2 2b7 2a2 3 2b6 <£g5 4 h5 5 <&bl 2a5 6 h4 7 gxh4+ 4»xh4 8 2xg6 4>xh3 9 ¿>c3 sbh4 10 <4>b4 2a2! 11 &b5 f4 12 exf4 e3 13 2e6 e2

14 f5 4>g5 15 flr^S?g6 16 4>b6 &f7 with a draw, or 13 f5 e2 14 2gl 2b2+

15 <£c6 2a2 16 &b7 2b2+ 17 <i?a8 Sd2 18 S el

2 2h7 Sa2 3 a7 <i>g5 (the alternative plan is 3...g5; Black waits until the white king reaches c5 and then plays ... f5-f4) 4 h5 5 &bl 2a4! 6 &b2 f4 7 exf4+ <4>f5 8 Sf7+ <4>e6 with a draw.

50 h4+ ^h5 (50...4?g4 51 2g8 2xa7 52 2xg6+ <£>h5 53 2f6 2a5 54 ^>h3 2b5 55 2xf5+ fixf5 56 g4+ and wins)

51 sl?h3! flal 52 2e8 2xa7 53 2e5 (less promising is 53 2xe4 g5) 53...g5 54 2xf5 ^g6 55 2e5 Sa2 56 <i>g2 2a4 57 g4 (57...gxh4 58 ^>h3), and Black finds himself in a rather unpleasant position, which is not easy to defend. White plans to play h4-h5, to drive the blaekfking off the 8th rank, and at the right moment f2-f3. If Black takes on h4, the following position can arise:

a b c d e f g h

Here Black is lost. After 1...2a4 White plays 2 ^g2-g3 and then f2-f3, while if 1...2e8, then Black cannot prevent ^e2-d2-c3-d4.

So, to cut a long story short, the best move is 49... Hal.

© Black must take on f3, otherwise the white king comes to f7, and then g3-g4+ wins for sure! 46... 2 xa6 47 g4

The best practical chance. After 47 h4+ ^g4 48 2h6 2 a2 or 48 h5 ^g5 White has nothing. Or 47 g3 2a2 48 ^g2 2b2 49 h4+ ^g4 50 2h6 2b6 51 h5 ^g5 and the pawn ending is drawn.

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