This move is forced. In the event of 41...ffg8? 42 2xf4 Hxg2 43 h4 e5 (otherwise the white king will penetrate into the enemy position via d4-e5-d6) 44 Sf7+ <4>d8 45 h5 Sg3+ 46 <4>d2 Sh3 47 2h7 ^e8 48 h6 &f8 49 b5 cxb5 50 c6 White wins easily. Also, if Black keeps his king at c8, White first places his rook at h8, then pushes his pawn to h7, and then plays b4-b5, winning the black rook.

It was possible, in anticipation of the breakthrough planned by White, to play 'against the rules' - 42...<¿>b8!? We will examine this move in the note to Black's 43rd move. However, the 'normal' retreat to c8 is by no means worse...

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