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Strictly speaking, White could have played 46 <^c4, without being afraid of 46...Bd2. After 47 Sh4! (47 Be5!? can also be considered) 47...b5+ 48 ^b4 Bb2+ 49 ^c3 Bxg2 50 Sg4 g5

51 f4 gxf4 (of course, not 51...<&c5 52 fxg5 h5?? 53 g6 and the pawn promotes)

52 Bxf4 Bxg3+ 53 ^b4 Bg6 54 Bh4 he gains a draw. White probably believes that the time for desperate sacrificial actions has not yet come, and that it is better to fight for a draw with equal material, than two pawns down. But who knows, then it may be too late...

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