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Brain Evolution System

This mp3 recording contains relaxing recordings that change your brainwaves to relax you at a deeper level than you normally have access to. This recording removes stress and anxiety, sharpens your thought process, and boosts your mood and happiness. These sound recordings are carefully designed to boost your brainwaves into peak mode, bringing fully mental strength to you ON Demand any time that you need! These brainwave stimulations bring up your IQ, take away your stress, and bring you to a state of tranquility and relaxation. It only takes 30 minutes a day of listening to unlock the full potential of your brain. You can change your mood ANY time that you want with this program. Lee Benson is a brainwave expert who has worked for years to create the perfect brainwave stimulation program, and this is the program that has the full ability to change your whole life. All it takes is this mp3 and 30 minutes a day.

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Contents: MP3 Audios
Creator: Karl Moore
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Curious Chess Problems

The following ingenious stratagems, all of which are original, and were kindly presented to the author expressly for this little work, may afford the student occasional relaxation when his mind is hew ildered by the inexhaustible variations which spring from the openings of games.

The Spectators were Delighted

In our day 'rapid chess* is very popular. Yusupov is not averse to playing it occasionally - for relaxation or for training purposes. However, he is in principle opposed to its use for determining the winner in events of such high standing as competitions for the world championship.


Meditation has always been part of martial arts training. Regular meditative practice cultivates equanimity and hence better decision-making in the face of attack, in his classic work The Relaxation Response, Dr. Herbert Benson reported an in-depth scientific study of the psychological and physiological benefits of various styles of meditation. He found that regular meditation practice can help to lower high blood pressure and to counteract the effects of everyday stress. Other researchers have shown that meditation improves reaction time and clarity of attention. Of course, when you hit the right rhythm, thinking about chess and, indeed, playing it can become a form of meditation.

Course in Tactics

Psychologists consider that the best form of relaxation is by no means idleness, but the temporary switching to another form of activity. For this reason I am inviting you, not for long, to break off our discussion of strategic or technical problems in favour of a lighter and more pleasant occupation - a search for tactical blows and combinations. In simple positions tactics probably play no less a role than in the middlegame, but they are usually rather different in character. Here there are far fewer mating combinations, but on the other hand specifically endgame themes appear stalemate, fortress, and, in particular, pawn promotion.

The Chess Review

Godfrey Cabot

Throughout these many years, Godfrey L. Cabot has played chess, has studied the game and has attained a high degree of excellence over the board. He has participated in the tourneys of the Boston Chess Club and of the City Club. At the end of a busy day, he has found stimulus and relaxation in an off-hand encounter, played with notable skill, tho, likely as not, with one eye on the clock. During all this time, he has also followed the progress of chess with keen interest, and .has responded generously to the many calls upon his time and purse. For many years he was President of the Boston Chess Club and of the Massachusetts State Federation. Most recently, he has held the title of Honorary President, but there has been no abatement of his personal interest in chess affairs.

Relaxation Audio Sounds Babbling Brook

Relaxation Audio Sounds Babbling Brook

This is an audio all about guiding you to relaxation. This is a Relaxation Audio Sounds with sounds from the Babbling Brooks.

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