How to Read this Book

The System deals with how to play the opening with White. White starts out with a half-move advantage, and it is a question of whether this can be increased, or will it fade away. We believe it can be increased by putting the correct kind of pressure on Black, and we show how to do this.

In order to make good chess decisions in the opening and later, it is necessary to know what might lie ahead. One must know about:

a) How to determine the best location for each piece and how to get it there efficiently.

b) What kinds of advantages exist; how they compare in value, and how to determine which can be achieved.

c) Dynamic advantages which change the value of a piece or group of pieces from what they would be if one were merely to tally up their value. This subject has never been treated properly in the chess literature.

In this book, we attempt to walk the reader through the process of learning all this. Clearly, in such a small book, one cannot treat things to the fullest. However, I have tried diligently to deal with all subjects and give enough examples and other information, so that the interested reader can continue to develop his/her understanding. I have used as my model Fine's wonderful book The Ideas Behind the Chess Openings, which was inspirational for me. However, this book is much more than that. It deals with the openings as a whole domain for which complicated general ideas exist, rather than attempting to tell what to do in each opening.

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