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roughly equal.

peaking the ! Rook and is pawn probably not quite enough against two minor pieces, while rook and two pawns might be slighdy better. Here there is no doubt. The white knight cannot find a stronghold anywhere, the bishop cannot find scope and the white pawns are divided and leaderless. The dark forces have won the batde for Middle-Earth...

Domination. If the rook cannot 31 <&d1 2d5 32 &c2 g5 33 i.f3

5d6 34 h3 s£>g6 35 <&b1 h5 36 &c3 position is how many pieces there are g4 37 Ag2 «i?f6 on the attacking side compared with the

Black's king is going to the centre. defending side. Black will find it very

The text allows White to exchange the difficult bringing his pieces out of the h-pawns and free his bishop from its "two corners because he has to simulta-

obligation, but with the entry point on neously look out for his king's safety.

hi available for the rook Black is well Even a materialistic chess program such compensated. . as Frit% evaluates this as winning for

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