Knights and Squares

The knight is the weakest of the minor pieces for a specific reason - it has no long-range possibilities. As control of the centre is a main part of positional chess it has been said that 'knights on the rim are dim' because only when a knight is near to the centre can it control squares in this busy area. Another characteristic of the knight that makes it weaker than other pieces is its silly walk (this is, of course, also its strength). Thanks to the way it moves around it can never take a piece that is threaten ing it! This makes it more vulnerable than the rest of the pieces, and for this reason the knight usually needs a fixed -

strongpoint somewhere in the centre, from where it can exercise maximum pressure on the opponent's position.

This kind of square is ideal if it is right in front of one of the opponent's pawns

— in this way the knight can use the opponent's pawn as a shield from rooks and queens. A good example of this is the following:

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