The Catalan

Kasparov adopted this opening for his match against Korchnoi during a period where Icelandic IM (now GM) Margeir Petursson was its leading exponent and when the literature on the opening included only an old book by Neishtadt and a small monograph in English by co-author Schiller. He retained the opening for occasional use against Karpov. Current recommended literature includes books by Neishtadt (1986), Moiseyev & Ravinsky (1984) and Schiller (1986, 1988).

Before the Korchnoi match he had used the opening only once as White — against Andersson at Niksic 1983 — and even then he claims that he was quite sure of the defensive system Andersson would choose. It was an interesting choice, since Korchnoi was a known expert in handling the White side of the opening, and it would certainly come as a surprise. But perhaps there was an additional appeal, in that Kasparov had only recently abandoned the King's Indian as Black and might have felt some comfort in fianchettoing his bishop.

Kasparov adopted the Catalan in his marathon 1984-5 match against Karpov, and later in the 1985 match against Ulf Andersson, he brought new life to the Catalan by adopting a new move order. We examine four variations: Variation I: 5 ... c5 Variation II: 5 ... £l$1 Variation III: 5 ... Jie7 6 0-0 Variation IV 5 ... Ae7 6 #c2

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