Grunfeld Defense

The last modern defense against the Queen Pawn Opening I consider in this survey is the Grunfeld Defense. More than any other modern defensive scheme, the Grunfeld typifies piece play for Black and occupation of the center by White. The opening moves are (l.d4 Nf6 2.c4): 2...g6

This time Black decides to fianchetto his own King's Bishop. 3.Nc3

White is ready to play e2-e4 with central domination. 3...d5

Pawn Knight Queen Bishop

Diagram 186.

5.Bg2 Be7

Modern Queen Pawn Defenses

Black makes a surprising move by striking in the center. It is Black's third move that initiates the Grunfeld Defense, which is shown in Diagram 187.

White has three main responses to the Grunfeld Defense:

4.cxd5 (Exchange Variation)

4.Nf3 (Three Knights Variation)


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