The Mystery Of The Indian Chess

may 4 . Today we had our first chess adventure, and an unusual one it was!

Aboard ship are two brothers, natives of India. They own a magnificent but curious chess set from their country. There is no difficulty recognizing the shapes of the pieces— the main difference being the rooks, which are in the form of battle elephants—but the colors are unusual. Instead of the usual black and white or red and white, the colors of this set are red and green.

Holmes and I came across the following position:

Red-J 5

The players had temporarily abandoned the game and gone for a stroll on the ship. Several other chess enthusiasts

were looking at this unusual set and wondering which of the colors was really White and which Black; some conjectured one and some the other. Holmes looked at the position for a while and announced, "Gentlemen, it turns out to be quite unnecessary to guess about the matter; it is deducible which color is really White."

And so I leave the problem for the reader: Which color is really White?


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