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Preface to the Dover Edition iv

Preface to the First Edition v

Introduction by André Chéron vii

Introduction by Dr. J. C. A. Fischer xi

Publisher's Note xiii

Notation and Explanation of Symbols used . . . xiv

Names of Pieces in French and German xv

Classification of 1234 Modern End-Game Studies . xvi

Classification of Positions in Appendix xvii

Errata xix

1234 Modern End-Game Studies 1

Solutions 207

Appendix 345

24 Modern End-Game Studies 345

Solutions to Positions in Appendix 349

Complete Index to Composers 353


SINCE 1234 Modern End Game Studies first appeared in 1938 numerous errors have been discovered and I have taken the opportunity of this Dover republication to have them corrected wherever possible. Typographical and other trivial errors have been amended silently in the body of the text. The "Errata" section discusses every ending which has been "cooked," i.e., shown to be in error, either by me or by colleagues with whom I have been in correspondence, and in many cases the original ending has been restated in such a way as to make it sound.

There are a number of other endings which reliable correspondents have cooked, some of them a long time ago, but owing to the work involved looking up old files and writing out the demolitions they have not found the time to be more explicit. A. Chéron has cooked endings Nos. 14, 36, 60, 88, 111, 125, 180, 263, 303, 333, 346, 394, 423, 425, 433, 484, 499, 502, 505, 5H, 596, 598, 636, 644, 669, 721, 772, 835, 868, 912, 946, 1016, 1021 and 1203, and considers endings Nos. 603 and 1185 suspect; Rabinovitsch has cooked ending No. 119, Bron ending No. 582, and a Russian endings Nos. 150, 393 and 420, whilst Malpas has demolished ending No. 1198. No. 477 is also incorrect. In addition, A. Chéron has discovered a dual to No. 247 and many duals to No. 491; H. Rinck knew of a dual to No. 1050.

I wish to thank all those who have helped me discover flaws and errors and in particular my old and good friends André Chéron and Walter Korn.

Valencia, Augustj iq67.


THE aim of this book is to give permanent habitat to the very considerable amount of excellent work which has been accomplished in end-game composition since the publication of "A Thousand End-games," by Mr. C. E. C. Tattersall more than 25 years ago.

To mention by name all those to whom we are indebted would necessitate naming everyone. Instead we convey our thanks and acknowledgment collectively and except for especial mention F. Dedrle for his many examples of Eastern European composers whose work was not readily available, Messrs. Duras, Fuchs, Havasi, Halberstadt, Henneberger, Holm, Karstedt, Lazard, Prokes, Prokop, Przepiorka, Rinck, Sehwers, Troitski and Count de Villeneuve Esclapon for selecting the examples from their own work, Messrs. Gorgiev, Kaminer, Korolikov, Liburkin, Neumann and Simchovitch for sending almost all the examples of the modern school of composers in the U.S.S.R.

Acknowledgment of indebtedness also to André Chéron and Dr. Fischer for their respective Introductions, Messrs. L. Alexander and G. C. Burger for assistance in proof reading and to L. Downing for his translations from the Russian.

London, November, IQ38

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