State Championship Match

Hayward Union High, Los Angeles Sr. High

Northern Calif. Champ. Southern Calif. Champ.

1932-3-4 1934

Total 5 Total 2

The match was played at the Los Angeles C. C.

The Annual Chess Tournament between Northern and Southern Divisions of the Southern California Chess League was held at San Luis Obispo on May 27

and resulted in a 12^-12 draw.

Hail! South Jersey

Our hats are off to the South Jersey Chess Association. For real enthusiasm and active interest in the royal game, this aggressive organization, headed by William A. Ruth, is in a class by itself.

During the past season they have staged no less than seven simultaneous exhibitions, have participated in more than twenty matches, and sponsored a tournament for the championship of Soutfr Jersey, an event with thirty-eight entiants.

Their team finished second to the strong Mercantile Library in the Philadelphia Chess League, and in their match. with Philadelphia, they set an all time record for the number of players participating, fifty on each team—and the Quaker City cohorts were very fortunate to vanquish their friendly rivals from over the .river by the score of 28-22.

The tournament for the championship of South Jersey was won by W. A. Ruth. Among the entries in this event were Stasch Mlotkowski, well known • analyst; Harold Burdge, Champion of Atlantic City, and Jos. DuBois, one of Philadelphia's ranking players.

The South Jersey Chess Association has issued a challenge to the pawn pushers from the upper end of the state for a match of six games to be played between W. A. Ruth and their champion for the championship of the State.

Officers of the South Jersey Chess Association are: W. A. Ruth, President: L. B. Cook, (President of the Camden City Club) and Wm. Van Breeman (President of the Mercer Club), Vice-Presidents; E. R. Meves, Secretary, and E, R. Glover, Treasurer.

Michigan State Championship

Marvin Palmer and Leon Stolcenberg tied for first place in the Michigan State Championship Tournament held at the Fort Shelby Hotel, in Detroit. They will play a short match in July to decide the State Title and custody of the championship trophy which must be won three years in succession to become a permanent possession.

The British Chess Federation Congress will be held at the Town Hall, Chester, England, from July 30 to August 11, 1934. The events scheduled are the British Championship, the British Women's Championship, the Major Open Tournament, and three Minor Open Tournaments. The Championships are restricted to British subjects, but the Open Tournaments can be entered by players of any nationality. The closing date for entries is July 6. Application blanks may be secured from Mr. L. P. Rees, St. Aubyns,

Redhill, Surrey, England.

Maroczy Jubilee Tournament

The recent International Chess Master's Tournament at Budapest, Hungary, was won by Andor Lilienthal of Paris, who finished with a score of 11-4. Of fifteen games played Lilienthal won 7 and drew 8.

The final standings:


0 0

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