Black help selfmates in 5 moves

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Cooked by Qa7 ch.

Theme la o.k. Gets my vote for the month.—Davis. Tho impending chocks weaken this.—Dr. Dobbs. Pawn e& provides for 3 checks and personally I don't think this worth publishing.—McClelland, The keyrnove seems v**ry obvious,—Burke. Very clever lightweight. —Vail.

Cooks: Qf5 ch and Qd7 ch.

Very bright! A pat on the back for the White Bear artist.—Dr. Dobbs. Pair.—Schmolka. Very beautiful.—Wahby. The Key is excellent though rather suggested. A pretty little affair with a piquant crosscheck.—McClelland. The Key Is good and there are several close tries.—Burke.

No. Harry Boardinun (3M)

Cooked in 2 moves by Qf7,

A Judiciously placed white pawn would have pro-vented this.—Burke.

No. 170 Harvey Burke <3M)

Mr. Burko certainly deserves praise for this wonderful problem, One of the best and most interesting 3-ers 1 ever saw.—Vanwinkle. Replete with duals. —Patz. For sheer difficulty Burke takes the cake. —Dr. Dobbs. Difficult! Some variations are exhilarating. I wonder if this 17 year old boy will again provide the most goose eggs in the ladder this month? —Nash. It is vory difficult to adequately express a thought about this masterpiece. It is certainly one of the most comprehensive works I've evor seen. By far best of the month.—McClelland. Loosely constructed. I had a better version prepared.—Burke. Most difficult even after the Key.—Vail. Quite complicated.—Hargreaves.

Interesting, Has a good try.—Davis. This ono is delightful. Gets my vote as "best" in July. Beautifully constructed and contains very deceptive try i'8=:Q, defeate/A only by BxP.—Vanwinkle. Best problem of month.—Partos. The Key is splendid and the promotion beautiful.—Wahby. No matter how many times I solve a Dobbs with this maneouver I still have difficulty with the next one. Many tries and actual solution somewhat of a surprise.—McClelland. Quiet Key gives black King surprising freedom. Best of the month.—Malzberg. The chief merit of this problem is the futile try f8 = Q.—Burke. The pawn mates are nice.—Vail. Splendid.—Tiesler. Another pretty creation by the doctor.—Hargreaves. Best of the month.—Rothenberg. Appeals on account of subtlety of The Keymore.—Ludlow.

Clever Indian.—Davis. Interesting Indian.—Partos. Neat, but the theme Is quite threadbare.-—Dr. Dobbs. Was this one "tuff"!!—Nash. Illustrating the Indian theme neatly and economically. Some close and real tries.—McCelland. A good Indian.—Burke. Too bad there is not more variety, but what there Is is really good.—Vail. Nice single liner strategy.—Hargreaves.

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No. 199 (Original)

DR. H. M. BERLINER New York City (A First Attempt.)

Mate in 2 moves

' No. 201 (Original) WILBUR VANWINKLE Endicott N. Y.

' No. 201 (Original) WILBUR VANWINKLE Endicott N. Y.

Chess Problem Mate
Mate in 2 moves

No. 203 [Original) CARLOS JIMENOJr, Mexico

No. 203 [Original) CARLOS JIMENOJr, Mexico

Mate in 2 moves

No. 200 (Original)


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