Dr Palmer Gunkel Keeney

well known in the problem world, having composed upward of 200 problems.

The Ohio State Title is always decided by a match between the winner of the Northern and Southern divisions. In 1933 Dr. Keeney defeated Erwin Krisch of Cleveland by a score of and this year retained his title by defeating John O. Hoy of Cleveland

Problem solvers of Cleveland challenged problem solvers of Cincinnati to an intercity problem solving contest. Cincinnati solvers have accepted the challenge and arrangements are being made for the event, to be staged either the first or second week of September.

West Virginia Chess Chatter

Landis Marks of Huntington played a ten game match with John F. Hurts, Jr., (who recently won the City of Charleston Championship) and won by a score of 9-1.

There appears to be no question about Marks being the best chess player in West Virginia, His ranking in national competition will be decided at Chicago when he takes part in the Western Chess Association Championships.

Empire State Activities

The 16 Board Match between the Manhattan Chess Club, Champions of the

Metropolitan Chess League, and the Mercantile Library Chess Club, Champions of the Philadelphia Chess League, resulted in a win for Manhattan by a score of 10-6. The match between these two clubs is an annual feature played alternately in New York and Philadelphia. Although Philadelphia lost, they scored a moral victory by holding the Manhattanites even on the first ten boards.

A summary of the play follows:

Bds. Manhattan Pts. Mercantile Library Pts.

Mercantile Library played White on the odd numbered boards.

The Annual Bronx County Championship is scheduled to begin about August 1, 1934, under the auspices and at the rooms of the Empire City Chess Club, 52 East Kingsbridge Road, Bronx, N. Y. The tournament will be limited to fifteen competitors by elimination, and registrations will close on or about July 1. Any chess player living in the Bronx or a member of a Bronx Chess Club is eligible to compete. Last year's prize winners need not participate in the eliminations. The Championship last year was won by Arnold S. Den-ker.

Boris Garfinkle won the City of Buffalo Championship by the decisive score of 16-2. His nearest competitor was Edward M. Haendiges with a score of 11-7. Gar-finkle's opposition included such strong players as Roy T, Black, former N. Y. State and Brooklyn C. C. Champion; Joseph D. Lear and Dr. Henry L. Freitag, both former City Champions. A silver cup, suitably engraved, was awarded to him.

The annual match between Toronto and

Buffalo will take place shortly.

City of Philadelphia Championship

Wm. A. Ruth has added another scalp to his belt. Not content with winning the Championship of South Jersey, he has just come through a strong tournament to annex the City of Philadelphia title. The final standing: Wm. A. Ruth, 6-2; J. Levin, 53^-23^; A. Regen, Other contestants were S. Drasin, H. Morris, S. T. Sharp, J. Gordon, A. Fischer, G. Weimar.

The Lehigh Valley Chess Association championship was won by Wilmer Jones, who is only 16 years of age. The new titleholder swept through a strong field including H. V. Hesse, Pennsylvania State Champion, and W. H. Steckel, Central Pennsylvania Champion, both of whom he defeated. His victory stamps him as a good prospect for future national honors.

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