Selected and fully annotated by Bobby Fischer

with Introductions to the games bj International Grandmaster Larry Evans


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(B and W refer to Black and White)

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1. Sherwin [b] New Jersey Open 1957 13

Too little, too late

2. Larsen [b] Portoroz 1958 18

Slaying the dragon

3. Petrosian [w] Portoroz 1958 23

Bear hug

4. Pilnik [w] Mar del Plata 1959 32

Tact and tactics

5. Rossetto [b] Mar del Plata 1959 38

The unpleasant obligation

6. Shocron [b] Mar del Plata 1959 43

A small oversight

7. Olafsson [w] Zurich 1959 49

Pride goeth

8. Keres [b] Zurich 1959 54

Meat and potatoes

Walther [w] Zurich 1959 62

Betwixt the cup and the lip

Unzicker [b] Zurich 1959 68

Milking the cow

11 Benko [b] Candidates' 1959 74

Unheard melodies

12. Gligorich [w] Candidates' 1959

Castling into it

13. Gligorich [b] Candidates' 1959

Something new

14. Keres [w] Candidates' 1959

Too many cooks

15. Smyslov [w] Candidates' 1959

A whopper

16. Petrosian [b] Candidates' 1959

Four Queens

17. Tal [b] Candidates' 1959

A very near miss

18 Spassky [w] Mar del Plata 1960 Old wine in a new bottle

19. Gudmundsson fw] Reykjavik 1960

A long voyage home

20. Euwe [b] Leipzig Olympic 1960

Theoretical scuffle

21. Letelier [w] Leipzig Olympic 1960

A Queen for the King

22 Szabo [w] Leipzig Olympic 1960

Bad judgment

23 Tal [b] Leipzig Olympic 1960

No holds barred

24. Darga [b] West Berlin 1960

Asking for trouble

25. Lombardy [w] USA Championship 1960-1

When the Maroczy didn't bind contents contents

78 26 Reshevsky [b] 2nd match game 1961

Time will tell

87 27. Reshevsky [w] 5th match game 1961

Sheer pyrotechnics

92 28. Reshevsky [w] 1 lth match game 1961

A peccable draw

100 29 Geller [b] Bled 1961

Hoist with his own petard

106 30 Gligorich [w] Bled 1961 A lyrical performance

116 31. Petrosian [b] Bled 1961

The sincerest form of flattery

123 32 Tal [b] Bled 1961 The moral victor

128 33. Trifunovich [b] Bled 1961

The drawing master

133 34. Bertok [w] Stockholm 1962

Hanging pawns unhung

137 35 Bolbochan [b] Stockholm 1962

A brilliant cadenza

141 36 Korchnoi [b] Stockholm 1962

Gaston and Alphonse

Only a draw

150 3S Keres [b] Curaçao 1962

Detective story

156 39 Botvinnik [w] Varna Olympic 1962

The confrontation

40 Najdorf [b] Varna Olympic 1962 254

The Najdorf Variation

41 Robatsch [b] Varna Olympic 1962 260

A bright cameo

42 Unzicker [w] Varna Olympic 1962 ^265

Playing by ear

43. Reshevsky [b] USA Championship 1962-3 269

The missing link

44. Fine [b] Skittles Game 1963 276

Shock treatment

45. Bisguier [b] New York State Open 1963 280


46 Benko [b] USA Championship 1963-4 286


47. Bisguier [b] USA Championship 1963-4 291

The Indian sign ?

48 R. Byrne [w] USA Championship 1963-4 297

The brilliancy prize

49 Steinmeyer [b] USA Championship 1963-4 302

A complex trap

50. Celle [b] Exhibition Tour 1964 306

Tour de force

51 Smyslov [b] Havana (Capablanca Memorial) 1965 311

Squeeze play

52 Rossolimo [b] USA Championship 1965-6 318

Peekaboo strategy

53. Portisch [w] Santa Monica 1966 324

Black magic contents g

54 Najdorf [b] Santa Monica 1966 331

Najdorfs night off from the Najdorf

55. Bednarsky [b] Havana Olympic 1966 338

The price of incaution

56. Gligorich [b] Havana Olympic 1966 343

The Fischer continuation

57. Larsen [w] Monaco 1967 351

Change of pace

58. Geller [b] Skopje 1967 359

Flawed masterpiece

59. Kholmov [w] Skopje 1967 366

The erring Bishop

60 Stein [b] Sousse 1967 371

When champions meet

Bobby Fischer's Tournament and Match Record 381

Index to Openings 383

List of Opponents 383

author's preface

The 60 games annotated in this volume were all played during 1957 through '67 and, with the exception of nos. 44 and 50, under strict tournament conditions. The notes frequently include references to additional games, occasionally presenting them in full. An interested reader will find 34 of my earlier efforts in Bobby Fischer's Games of Chess (Simon and Schuster, 1959).

All of the 60 here offered contain, for me, something memorable and exciting—even the 3 losses. I have tried to be both candid and precise in my elucidations in the hope that they would offer insights into chess that will lead to fuller understanding and better play.

Finally, I wish to express my gratitude to Larry Evans, friend and colleague, for his invaluable aid in the preparation of the text as well as for his lucid introductions.

Robert J. Fischer New York City

On the chessboard lies and hypocrisy do not survive long. The creative combination lays bare the presumption of a lie; the merciless fact, culminating in a checkmate, contradicts the hypocrite.

—Emanuel Lasker


Too little, too late

Although Sherwin makes no serious errors in the opening, he misses several equalizing opportunities. Demonstrating the technical virtuosity that is to become his hallmark, Fischer, with astonishing maturity, gradually strengthens his grip by accumulating small advantages: the better center and the two Bishops. Sherwin, meanwhile, attempts to consolidate his position—only to see his 14-year-old opponent shatter it with a thunderbolt (18 NxRP). It brings to mind Alekhine's combinations, which also seemed to spring from nowhere. Sherwin, lashing back, refuses to fall. However, his defense finally disintegrates under a series of acute blows to his wobbly King.

This used to be my favorite. I thought it led to a favorable variation of the King's Indian reversed, particularly after Black has committed himself with . . . P - K3.

Fischer - Ivkov, Santa Monica 1966 continued; 4. . . P - Q4; 5 QN - Q2, B - Q3; <5 B - N2, KN - K2; 70 - O, O-O; 8 N-R4! with chances for initiative.

More usual is 6 . . . P - Q4; but Black has purposely delayed Placing his center Pawns. Has he a new idea in mind?

14 11 new jersey open championship 1957

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