Smyslov played 12 R-Ql, which got him nowhere. The text seems more logical to me, since White now has the opportunity to place his rooks on dl and el, and in addition he has no reason to fear the central thrust... P QB4 on account of the following pawn sacrifice.

13P-Q5 PXP


And not 14... BXP 15 QR-Q1 when Black must lose material. 14... N-B3 would fail to 15 P-Q6 followed by 16 QR-Q1.

15P-KR4 R-Kl

15 ... P-KR3 is possible, although White could then try 16 N-R2-N4 observing the weakness on h6.

16N-N5 N-Bl

17QR-Q1 B-Q5

128 The Chess Combination from Philidor to Karpov

Hoping to surround White's QP, but White's next move thwarts this design.

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