15 a5 has been suggested, though this short-term solution does leave Black with a fresh weakness on b6 as well as open to a future pawn-break with b2-b4

16 £if4 ftxf4

Moiseev's 17 c4 seems the lesser evil Black's main problem is his inferiority in all sectors of the board

Black's plight goes from bad to worse — this often happens when one side finds himself under pressure at an early stage — since this drops a pawn Finding a safe alternative, though, is not easy 18 SixaS"^ loses a piece to 19 b4.

40 K!A i v Sicilian Defence and 18 bxa5 19 dxc5 is terrible for Black This leaves 18 cxd4 19 axb6 axb6 20 cxd4 (20 Afl Wc8) when Black is still on the board but the king continues to be a problem, eg 20 0-0" 21 #d2 *h7*» 22 Sxa6 2xa6 23 Wd3+ &h8 24 «ixa6

19 axbtj axb6

19 Wxb6r} 20 dxc5 *b7 21 lfxd5 is easy for White, but 19 cxd4 20 £lxd4 <Slxd4 21 cxd4 needs checking 21 axb6 runs into 22 Wh5' threatening both 23 Sxe6+ and 23 Axd5 Then 22 &f8 23 Sacl Bc8 (23 Ac4'> 24 2xc4) 24 Kxc8+ 0xc8 25 Scl puts Black in trouble, while 21 1fxb6 22 &xd5 succeeds in maintaining the pressure

20 dxc5 bxc5

21 Wxd5 ID)

Of course there is nothing wrong with 23 tfxb5 Axb5 24 Sxa8 2xa8 25 £)e5 Perhaps Yurtaev was enjoying the game too much, which is good for us, because now we see what can be the long-term implications of g6-g5 if Black's opening does not go according to plan

24 Sabl Wc2

Or 24 Wxc3 25 ttxc3 Axc3 26 Seel Ad3 (26 <Sd4 27 £sxd4 Axd4 28 Axa8) 27 Bb3 Tactics tend to favour the player in the dnv-

ing seat

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