Not 20 Wxdl? 21 Wxc7 Wxc2 22 Axg7 Axf5 23 2xf5 with a won game for White

21 2xd8 2axd8

22 Sxf4 2dl+

23 Sfl 2ed8

24 Ac3

Preventing an invasion on d2

25 &t2 Axf5

26 exf5 and White's bishops are stronger than a rook

The plan of developing the king's bishop on d6 and the knight on e7 is designed to keep out of harm's way, enabling Black to attack on the queenside


Yugoslax Ch 1990

1 &f3 dS 2 g3 Ag4 3 Ag2 c6 4 0-0 £)d7 5 d3 e6 6 £lbd2 Ad6 7 Wei

White does not have to move his queen away from the dl-h5 diagonal although he must subsequently be prepared to meet ¿¿d7-e5 at some point, when Black intends to exchange a couple of minor pieces The game Damljanovic-lCosic,

Yugoslav Ch 1990, proceeded in this manner White played 7 e4

8 h3 Ah5 9 £sb3'"> After 9 £ie5 10 We2 Axf3 11 Axf3 £ixf3+ 12 Wxf3 0-0 13 ig2 dxe4 14 dxe4 e5 15Bdl Wc7 16 Ae3 2ad8 !7We2

£>c8 18 a4 Ae7 19 a5 White had a slight edge

The double fianchetto is also possible — 7 b3 £ie7 8 Ab2 0-0 9 h3 Ah5 10 e4 (D)

0 0

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