As if proving the point to himself, when White finally does nudge his a-pawn forward he sets the stage for a witty culmination to a well played (by Black) game A small investment of just one tempo on the queenside would have avoided embarrassment

12 £>xf3+'" 13 WxD 0-0 14 #h5 helps White to a clear advantage

Already structurally superior after Black's provocative 10th move White sensibly aims to increase his positional lead It would be easy but foolhardy to see the fall of the g5-pawn as the first stage of an early sacrificial strike against the enemy king e g 13 5}xf7'> 4ixf7 14 ftg5+ &g8 and, once Black untangles, the extra piece will be more significant than the two pawns The removal ot Black's g-pawn is nevertheless significant, for now Black will have difficulty finding a truly secure haven for his king, so White should be content to rely on his other pluses until later At some point the opportunity to trouble the king should eventually present itself



Another masterly stroke which arises from White's total appreciation of the position Black, searching frantically for a place to hide his king (standing opposite White's rook is far from ideal), will not find the kingside too inviting — hence White's aggression on the other flank Meanwhile the aforementioned line-up of pieces on the e-file leaves White with all the trumps

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