34 Wdl transposes to the previous note White's choice vacates e4( thus assisting the king on its journey to the queenside

35 ttxf3 Bxf3

Black can draw after 42 «¿■bb? £>d5+ 43 <£>xb7 £ixb4 44 a6 £ixa6 45 &xa6 '¿"e? because White's king is too far away from his pawns

White finds the correct continuation, heading for the b-pawn while simultaneously cutting off Black's king

Pe t roslan-Don ne r

Santa Monica 1966

1 £)f3 d5 2 g3 g6 3 Ag2 Ag7 4 0-0 e5 5 d3 <£e7 (D)

i i 41Ai


6 ftbd2 0-0

White can profit from this ambitious claim to the centre, so better is 7 dxe4, or maintaining the tension with 7 £)bc6 (7 c6 transposes to the Caro-Kann Defence) Instead Botvinnik-Pachman, Leipzig Olympiad 1960, went 7 d4 8 a4 f6 9 5ih4 Ae6 10 f4 £)d7 II (5 kfl 12 frg6 hxg6 13 J.h3 with a clear advantage to White

Rather than play the normal 9 <5}c4 5)c6 White punishes his opponent's move order by attacking the c-pawn

9 b6 is not possible as it opens the long hl-a8 diagonal, which Black sets about clearing

10 Sel Hb8

Black's intended 12 b6 loses to


White is better after 13 b6 14

0 0

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