Threatening ££al~a4 followed by &d2-b3 Black acts quickly

22 ifl

Calm play from White as 22 gxf4 ex 14 23 £ic2 áxal 24 &xal a4 plays into Black's hands

23 exf5 £ixf5

24 £ixf5 AxfS

25 gxf4

White cannoi permit the invading knight to remain in the heart of his position tor too long so he puts the onus on Black to justify the sacrifice

26 Ha2 g4

27 Ab2 Six b2

28 Hxb2 tth4

Black continues energetically by aiming what is left of his army at the white king, but White's faithful K! A bishop is ready to come to the iescue

31 a4

Trying to contuse White ignores the diveisionary tactics and consolidates his kingside

34 #xa4 h5

Now the b-pawn is at last ready to march for promotion

A token threat of h5-h4 before resigning

The Sicilian Defence is dealt with m Chapter 2

Positional Themes

Having seen White first mount a formidable kingside attack, then display resilience on this side of the board while simultaneously building up a winning advantage on the queenside, here is a game in which White not only controls both wings bui also places his queen on a dominating central square

This time Black meets the K.IA with a reliable, positionally-onen-tated method of development which is perfectly suited to English super-GM Michael Adams's style (Chapter 5) However even Adams has problems finding a plan


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