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This complete set of judo workouts give you the best way to get awesome physique and fitness regimen for judo. Once you finish with the course you will have a power machine of a body, that no one will dare mess with. And you don't have to look like the Hulk either; you will have understated muscles that people better watch OUT for. You will get dads, books, and videos that show you the best ways to get a good judo body. You will learn the best exercises, what you need to eat for maximum strength, and the best ways to recover from both fights and exercising. You will get stronger, fitter and faster, and all of this won't take long at all. You can get started today getting the most powerful judo body of anyone you know. You can be strong, power, and fast, all at once! Read more here...

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The very first point I want to make certain that Workouts for Judo definitely offers the greatest results.

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Lightweight Judo

If you are a lightweight judo fighter, this is the perfect method for you to get the most out of your training. Being light is not at all a disadvantage in judo; it is one of the best advantages that you can have in general. You will be faster, leaner, and therefore a bit stronger than most of your opponents. However, you will not reap the full benefits of being faster unless you know how to leverage your strength properly. Once you get the tips and tricks from our DVD set, you will have all of the power that you need to fight properly, and the tactics that you need in order to exhaust your opponent and then hit them with all your strength and win the fight. Do not let your light weight be a disadvantage; use all that you have and take down your opponent with our DVD set! Read more here...

Lightweight Judo Summary

Contents: DVD Set
Creator: Mohan Bam
Official Website: www.lightweightjudo.com
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Yield To Win The Art Of Sacrifice

In normal judo competition one aims to unbalance the opponent and throw him. However, there are times when an opponent is too strong and well balanced to be dispatched by normal methods. This is the time for a drastic measure, the most dramatic of all judo moves, sutemi-nage, the sacrifice throw (also known as suicide throw ). Sutemi-nage takes many forms. The fundamental idea is that, at the moment your opponent commits himself to throw you, you hold on to him and, blending with his momentum, you throw yourself.

The Samurai Chess ranking system

In the martial arts, students master set techniques, known as kata, and test themselves in competition. As they improve, meeting the specific criteria of their art, they become eligible to test for tank. Judo's Jigoro Kano pioneered the modern kyu dan belt system of signifying rank. Although the different arts interpret the belt-systems in various ways, a general guideline for respectable schools is as follows. (Steer well clear of the many commercialized, bastardized teenage-mutant-ninja-turtle dojos who give out striped, plaid, and multicolored belts-of-the month to students who hand over the necessary cash.)


When Jigoro Kano witnessed Ueshiha in action in 1930 he exclaimed, This is the true judo. Inspired by Ueshiba's remarkable refinement of his own principles, Kano sent many of his senior students to train in aikido and to learn a new tenet If pulled, enter. If pushed, turn. Aikido strategy centers on applying elegant circular and spiral movements to blend with arid lead the energy of an attack.

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