Washington State Championship

The tournament to decide the championship of the State of Washington was held at the Seattle Chess Club during the month of September. The preliminaries ran from Sept. 2 to 9 in three sections. Wallach, Enochson and Rubenstein won their way into the finals, where they played a double round-robin with Hurt, Sheets and Ishida, who had been seeded.

The finals started September 12 and ended September 24. The seeded players demonstrated their prowess by taking all three prizes.

A banquet was held on September 30 and the prizes awarded. Hurt received a large gold trophy— a winged goddess of Victory; Sheets, a gold medal; Ishida, a silver medal. Walker, who won the minor tournament, received a cup, and Bourne Smith was voted the state's outstanding problemist for 1938.

A book of the tournament, with some annotations by Reinfeld, and the rest by I. U1 vest ad, former Washington State Champion who did not compete this year, will appear soon. H. Ishida will edit it and the price is ¡to be 25c.

The final scores:

Major Tourney

Ishida 61/2-3V2

Wallach 3,/2-6y2

Rubenstein 1 Vi-BVi

Minor Tourney

Wade 4i/2.5 V2

Sullivan 2i/2.7i/2


Once again I. A. Horowitz is planning a coast-to-coast tour in the interests of chess. His route will take him from New York City to New Jersey; Eastern Pennsylvania; Delaware; Maryland; District of Columbia; West Virginia; Southern Ohio; Indiana; Missouri; Oklahoma; Texas; New Mexico; Arizona; California; Oregon; Washington; Montana; Utah; Colorado; Nebraska; Iowa; Minnesota; Winnipeg, Canada; Wisconsin; Illinois; Michigan; Northern Ohio; Western Pennsylvania; Western New York; Toronto, Canada; Montreal, Canada; Massachusetts; Rhode Island; Connecticut; New York City again.

Clubs desiring to obtain his services for lectures, consultation games, or simultaneous exhibitions are invited to correspond with The Chess Review. The months of January and February 1939 have been selected for the tour. A number of clubs have already booked Mr. Horowitz but additional engagements will be welcomed.

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