Total 51/2

Played at Upper Darby, October 16th, 1938 Delmont C. C. Lehigh Valley C. A.

Ruth 0

H. Bauder 1

Chamber lin 0

Arnold 0

Gonzales 0

Brown 1

Sellers 1

Williamson Vi

Carrigan V2

Giulio 0

Arkless 1

Heller 0

Bel lew 0

LaFountain V2

Flaccus 0

Brecht 1

Hesse 1

Steckel 0

Vanderslice 1

Gutekunst I

Herman 0

Garnett 0

Gillette 1

Weiss 1/2

Frensky 1

J. Faust 0





MASSACHUSETTS CHESS A CORRECTION: Last month we reported that Mr. George Sturgis had retired as President of the Massachusetts State Chess Ass'n. Mr. Sturgis advises that our correspondent was in error on this point. Mr. Sturgis has not retired and still presides as head of the Massachusetts State Chess Ass'n. Mr. Franklin J. Sanborn has resigned his post as Secretary of the M. S. C. A.

A group of Massachusetts chess enthusiasts. Players from Andover and Lawrence, meeting for a chess match at the home of H. G. Tyer of Andover. The genial host is standing in the second row, 4th from the left (jacket open). The gentleman with the wide grin (next to Mr. Tyer on the left) is George Demars, Secretary of the Greater Lawrence Chess Club and enthusiastic chess commentator for radio station WLAW.

The annual Boston City Championship Tournament is in progress with twenty entrants. 14 are in the Masters' Section. The Boylston Chess Club's quarters in the Y. M. C. Union is the scene oi: action.

The Adult Recreation Project has arranged for five radio broadcasts on chess over station WORL 011 Wednesdays at 11 A. M. during the month of November.

The Metropolitan League began the regular winter schedule of matches with five teams in the "A" and eight teams in the "B" Divisions.

0 0

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