The Chess Review

The Che<ss Review

Bound Volumes for 1933, 1934, 1935,1936 and 1937 (cloth) each $3.50

Chess—January-December, 1936— complete, leather-bound volume •with index , . ; $4,00

Strategy and Tactics in Chess $2.75

London Tournament Book, 1932 $2.50

New York Tournament, 1924 $3.00

My Best Games of Chess $3.50 (Notes by Dr. A. Alekhine)

A Century of British Chess $5.00

Morphy Gleanings - $2,50

Morphy's Games of Chess $2.75 Philip W. Sergeant

My System Chess Praxis

Aaron Nimzowitsch

A Primer of Chess Chess Fundamentals -Jose R. Carablanca

Manual of Chess Dr. Lasker

Chess Strategy

Edward Lasker

Modern Chess Openings $1.50

Griffith & White, 6th Edition

Modern Chess Endings Barnie F. Winkelman

The Modern Chess Problem ' Philip H. Williams_

The Modern Chess Primer

Masters of the Chessboard $3.00

Richard Reti__

The Game of Chess-Dr. S. Tarrasch $4.00

Middle Game in Chess $3.50

How to Play the Chess Openings $2.50

The Art of Chess Combination $3.00

Cambridge Springs Tourney $1.50

Elements of Combination Play $1.50

Colle's Chess Masterpieces $1.50

Warsaw 1935 Team Tournament $2.00

Margate 1935 Tourney (cloth.) $1.50

Hastings 1936-7 Tourney (cloth) $1.50

Botwinnik's Best Games (cloth) $1.50

Keres' Best Games $1.50

Moscow Tourney, Part It $1.50 Fred Reinfeld -

Dr. Lasker's Chess Career $2.50

Chess Strategy & Tactics : $1.50 F. Reinfeld & I. Chernev

Chessmen -

The Art of Chess-Playing

Edited by E. V. Mitchell

Chess For the Fun of It Chess and Its Stars Mate in Two Moves

Brian Harley

Staunton's Chess-Player's Handbook $3.00

E. H. Bermingham (Revised Edition)

The Art of Sacrifice in Chess $3.00

Chess Step by Step $2.50

F. J. Marshall and MacBeth_

Pillsbury's Chess Career $2.50

Sergeant and Watts

Modern Master Play Winter and, Yates

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