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Leaders of Chess in America

By Barnie F. Winkelman

Godfrey L. Cabot I

With the Federation Tourney opening in Boston early this month, national attention is focussed upon the important contribution made by New England to the development of chess in America. Special recognition will no doubt-be given to those who have taken the leadership in organizing the game upon a firm basis and have brought the tourney to this city.

With equal certainty it may be stated that little mention will be made of the activities of a distinguished son of New England, who by his interest in chess as a player and patron over half a century, has made a notable contribution to the game in his own city and state and has also made possible the victories a-chieved by America's representatives in international competition.

Throughout these many years, Godfrey L. Cabot has "played chess, has studied the game and has attained a high degree of excellence over the board. He has participated in the tourneys of the Boston Chess Club and of the City Club. At the end of a busy day, he has found stimulus and relaxation in an off-hand encounter, played with notable skill, tho, likely as not, with one eye on the clock. During all this time, he has also followed the progress of chess with keen interest, and .has responded generously to the many calls upon his time and purse. For many years he was President of the Boston Chess Club and of the Massachusetts State Federation. Most recently, he has held the title of Honorary President, but there has been no abatement of his personal interest in chess affairs.

However, outside of a circle of friends and intimates, the Maecenas of chess in New England is little known as an ardent devotee of the game. The long biographical record of his career which is contained in "Who's Who in America", furnishes no clue to this facet of his personality. Many of his contemporaries and his business associates, know him only as a brilliant scientist w.ho brought a highly endowed and superlatively trained intellect to bear upon business ¡problems. In the world of finance and industry, his outstanding services in the development of the nation's natural resources have long been recognized. In his own state, he is viewed as a leader of men, who in addition to his business responsibilities, has evi-

Godfrey Cabot
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