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It is with deep regret that we announce the deaths of Albert Marder and of Edward Hymes.

•Mr. Marder was one of the strongest players of the Manhattan Chess Club and in fact of the metropolitan area. Unfortunately, declining health rendered it imperative for him to avoid the rigors of tournament play. Mr. Marder was, incidentally, a liberal contributor to many chess events.

Mr. Hymes was one of America's finest ¡players in the '90s and the turn of the century. He distinguished himself in many important team matches, and was noted for his original opening style. For example, he frequently played the defense now named after Alekhine!

The Chess Review

Bound Volumes for 1933, 1934, 1935, 1936 and 1937 (cloth) each $3.50

Chess—January-December, 1936— complete, leather-bound volume with index $4.00

Strategy and Tactics in Chess Dr. M. Euwe_

Nottingham Ty. Book 1936 London Tournament Book, 1932 New York Tournament, 1924 My Best Games of Chess

A Century of British Chess $5.00 Morphy Gleanings $2.50 Morphy's Games of Chess $2.75 Philip W. Sergeant_

My 8ystem $3.75

Chess Praxis—Aaron Nimzowitsch $5.00

A Primer of Chess Chess Fundamentals Jose R. Casablanca

Manual of Chess—Dr. Lasker

Chess Strategy--Edward Lasker $3.00

Modern Chess Openings $1.50 Griffith & White, 6th Edition_

Modern Chess Endings $1.50

Barnie P. Winkelman

The Modern Chess Problem

Philip H. Williams_

The Modern Chess Primer

Masters of the Chessboard $3.00

Richard Reti_

The Game of Chess-Dr. S. Tarrasch $4.00

Middle Game in Chess $3.50 How to Play the Chess Openings $2.50 The Art of Chess Combination $3.00 Eugene Znosko-Borowski_

Cambridge Springs Tourney $1.50

Elements of Combination Play $1.50 Code's Chess Masterpieces $1.50

Warsaw 1935 Team Tournament $2.00 Margate 1935 Tourney (cloth) $1.50 Hastings 1936-7 Tourney (cloth) $1.50 Botwlnnik's Best Games (cloth) $1.50 Keres' Best Games $1.50

Moscow Tourney, Part II $1.50

Kemeri 1937 Tourney (cloth) $1.50

Fred Reinfeld_

Dr. Lasker's Chess Career $2.50

Chess Strategy & Tactics $1.50


A Breviary of Chess

Dr. S. Tartakower

1234 Modern End Game Studies Lammar & Sutherland

Chess Studies (paper)—Troitzky $1.75

Chess For the Fun of It Chess and Its Stars Mate in Two Moves

Brian Harley

Staunton's Chess-Player's Handbook $3.00

E. H. Bermingham (Revised Edition)

The Art of Sacrifice in Chess $3.00 Rudolf Spielmann_

Chess Step by Step $2.50

F. J. Marshall and MacBeth_

Pillsbury's Chess Career $2.50

Sergeant and Watts

Modern Master Play

Winter and Yates

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