The Chess Review

The Marshall Chess Club Championship Tournament has gotten under way with a splendid entry. Club Champion Frank Marshall is defending his title against J. Battcll, S. Bernstein, J. Brunnemer, A. C. Cass, T. A. Dunst, M. Green, M. Hanauer, E. Mc-Cormick, D. S. Pol land, F. Reinfeld, A. F. Santasiere and H. Sussman.

At the conclusion of the qualifying tourneys held at the West Side Y. M. C. A. in New York, the following qualified for the Championship Tournament: M. Neckermann, N. J. Hogenauer, H. J. Dowling, J. L. McCudden, S. Almgren, H. J. Kapp, J. W. Collins, M. Herrick, M. D. Hassialis, S. S. Coggan, and S. Bernstein.

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