The Chess Review

New York

We have acquired one of the country's outstanding libraries. All the books are in extremely fine condition. Some have never been read. Many have been rebound in expensive bindings much better than the originals. Inquiries are invited. Some of the more, outstanding titles:

Fifth American Chess Congress (Gilberg) $2.00 Principles of Chess (Mason) out of print _ 2.00 Chess Studies & End Games (Horwitz) __ 3.50

Morphy's Games of Chess (Loewenthal)___2.00

Hastings Tournament, 1895 (Cheshire) __ 3.00

Lasker vs. Tarrasch (5 books bound in one—The Lasker—Tarrasch Match, 1908; Tarrasch—Mieses Match, 1916; Lasker—Marshall Match, 1907; Marshall—Tarrasch Match, 1905; Lasker—

Debreczn Tournament, 1925 (Tartakower) 3.50

L. Bachman's Yearbooks (1905-1928) Price on application

Nachtragto the Handbuch (Kmoch)_____6.50

Neueste Schachnachrichten (1931 and 1932) 8.50

Die Praxis Meines System (Nimzowitsch)- 5.00

Sam Loyd und Seine Schachaufgaben (A.

Streifzuge durch das Gebiet des Schachproblems (Dr. Herman Von Gottschall) 6.75

There are about 100 books left. Inquiries will receive prompt attention.

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