Spi Elm Ann In Holland

Now that he is a permanent exile from his native land, Rudolf Spielmann is certain to have a profoundly fructifying influence on chess in Holland. In February and March he took part in a ten-man tournament at Amsterdam, with the result that he tied with Landau (the Dutch Champion), both making the score of 8—1. Subsequently he began a ten-game match with Landau, which, had to be broken off after the seventh game (score: 4]/2—2]/2 in Spielmann's favor), and will be resumed after Spielmann's return from Margate.

Here is a recent game which shows that Spielmann still retains the bright and enterprising style for which he is famous.

Amsterdam Tourney February, 1938 KING'S GAMBIT DECLINED

R. Spielmann


T. van Scheltinga


0 0

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