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Tom Sweeney, one of the strongest amateur chess players in the Wheeling district, and a former member of the Yale University chess team, waged a successful campaign in the recent elections, and is now a member of the West Virginia State Senate.

The 25th Special Tourney of the Illinois Correspondence Chess Ass'n, will start the first week in January. This special tourney attracts some of the strongest correspondence players in the country. Fee is $5.00 and prizes are $15.00, $10.00, $5.00. Seven players in a section. Single round. If interested, write to Roy Wakefield, Tournament Director, Waterman, 111.

At the annual meeting of the Cincinnati C. C., Dr. H. H. Slutz was elected president, and Mr. Roger Baxter, secretary-treasurer. A tournament for the Southern Ohio championship has been started.

JAMES HURT 1938 Washington State Champion

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