K-B3 P-Kt4 K-K3 RxP K-Q4 Drawn

An interesting ending.

(Awarded a special prize for the best-played game in the matches between these clubs.) Metropolitan Chess League Marshall C. C. vs. Manhattan C. C. (Return Match—May, 1938)

INDIAN DEFENSE (Notes by Matthew Green) M. Green White

7 QxB

J. Soudakoff Black

4 P-KKt3 B-Kt2

5 B-Kt2 B-Kt5ch

6 B-Q2 BxBch Q-B1

The purpose of this move is to play . . . P-B4 without having to fear White's P-Q5, e.g. if 7 . . . P-B4; 8 P-Q5, PxP; 9 Kt-R4.

Black confuses his systems of development. It will be seen that Black's Q is illogically posted in the "Dutch" formation Black sets up. Better would be 9 . . . P-Q4 followed by . . . P-B4.

The threatened P-Q5 could have been prevented only by 11. . . P-Q4—an ugly move but still the best.

12 P-Q5 KtxKt

34 P-B3

0 0

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