Rkb Pr Pk

Black's advantage is colossal. His mighty center and the steady development of his pieces with gain of time smother White's game. The immediate .threat is 10 . . . R-KB1 (ungratefully utilizing the KB file which White opened for him!).

Hemming in White's game still more: the Kt at Kt3 has no. good square (K4 is taken away by Black's QP), and 12 KtxP is impossible because of the reply . . . R-KB1.

12 Kt-R1

13 Q-KKt3

14 Q-R2

At last he essays a timid advance in the center . . . but the game is already over I

16 B-B4 RxB

17 KtxR P-KKt4

White resigns, a.s his position is hopeless.

This game, with its feeble play by White, has been ¡purposely selected to illustrate the dire results of neglecting the center,

The next article in this series will deal with the exploitation of weaknesses arising from lack of mobility.

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