Reshevsky And The World Title

It would not surprise us in the least if we received a report that Dr. Alekhine had signed a contract to play a match for the World Championship with Charlie McCarthy! That would be truly expressive of the chaotic state of affairs that prevails in the arrangement of matches for the World Championship. Dr. Alekhine returns from South America with the report that Capablanca's financial demands were excessive; the Cuban in turn does not deign to say anything to amplify this statement, and we are left completely in the air as to who is right and who is wrong, and what the upshot of it all will be. One could easily write a fairly thick book about the World Championship wrangles of the last 25 years or so, for considerably more time has been expended in argument than in play!

Under the circumstances, it has become pertinent, we believe, to press the claim of Sammy Reshevsky as a serious contender for the title. If Reshevsky had done "nothing more" than win the two U. S. Championship Tournaments, that would suffice to make him worthy of consideration. It should be borne in mind, also, that while Alekhine's score against Reshevsky in individual encounters is 2-1, the latter .has outranked Alekhine at both Nottingham and Kerne ri.

An encounter between these two great masters would be particularly desirable at this time; for Reshevsky is now at the height of his powers, while Alekhine seems to have recovered much of his old-time genius. That the American public is eager to see such a match we have no doubt; which brings us back to the problem of finances. Do we hear any suggestions?!


As we have received numerous inquiries requesting information regarding the details of the Boston Tournament, we take this opportunity to present some salient facts about the Tournament:

Entries (accompanied by the entry fee of $10.00) should be sent to the Massachusetts State Chess Association, 14 Somerset St., Boston.

Entries will close at 10:00 A. M. July l lth and play will begin at 1:30 P. M. the same day. Later, in the evening, a complimentary banquet will be tendered the participants.

The Tournament will be held at the Hotel Touraine, which is located at the corner of Boylston and Tremont Sts., Boston.

The prize fund for the Tournament will be

The Tournament will end not later than July 23rd; and since there can be no play on Sundays, the Committee has arranged an enjoyable outing (at no cost to the players) for July 17th.

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