Recent Tournaments

Dr. Alekhine was present at the Hastings Tournament as a spectator and not as a player (man bites dog!) ... he brought along an enormous cake with the final position of the 25th game of the recent Championship Match modeled on the icing . . . sounds like an attractive position for post-adjournment analysis! . . . incidentally, the encounter between Fair-hurst and Keres (which appears in this issue) agitated the spectators to such an extent that they knocked over the railing . . . now who'll dare to say that chess is not exciting? . . v all we need to make chess the national pastime is the hurling of pop-bottles at the referee . . . Capablanca won a double round sextangular tournament at Paris . . . none of the games have come to our notice at the time these lines are written ... we were pleased to learn that our good friend Lajos Steiner has annexed first prize in the annual Trebitsch Tournament in Vienna . . . Becker and the new star Dr. Weil were both disappointments.

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