10 Kt-Q5

11 PxKt

12 P-Q Kt4

13 B-Kt2

Q-K2 KtxKt Kt-Kt1 Kt-Q2 P-K51

This advance of the KP had to he carefully calculated.

14 Kt-Q2

15 Q-Kt3

16 P-B3

17 BxP

18 RxB

19 R-K1

20 P-K4

A. E. Santasiere

White's position appears quite formidable. He threatens K-Kt2 followed by P-K5 with a strong K-side attack. But this P advance is two-edged, as will soon become apparent.

This threatens both BxPch and KtxQP.

Voiding both threats as 21 ... . BxP would now lose a piece by 22 Kt-B'4 and 21 Kt xQP is impossible due to the attack on the Black Queen. But a better move would have been 21 Q-K3.

The point! The Queen has been maneuvered into- a dominating position. The White Kt cannot move because of the attack on the KP and this factor in conjunction with the unguarded position of White's QR forces his reply.

This move was criticized in post mortem analysis—the assembled experts considering that 25 PxP, RxRclx; 26 QxR, QxP; 27 Q-K6ch . W-kate- dr&vezng Th-e?

-gve&Ieafe e d-cs swots-, 25 PxP with. 25-. . . QxP^ and White cannot play 26 RxR becaus-e he is mated by 26 . . , Q-B-7ch; 27 K-R3, QxRPch; 28 KxKt, P-KR4ch; 29 K'KtS, QxPch; 30 KxP, K-R2! etc.

27 P-KR3 Kt-K6ch

•Giving up the exchange would not help matters, e. g.; 28 RxKt, PxR; 29 QxP, RxP! Or 29 RxP, PxP; 30 RxP, RxR; 31 PxR, Q-K7ch! The text move was made after long thought and despite the apparent insecurity of the White K it is not easy to demolish his defenses. In fact it took me half an hour to evolve the correct method of procedure.

To open the long diagonal of the Bishop.

29 PxKP PxPch

30 KxP R-B4I

The doubling of the Rooks on the KB file leads to a forced win. The crux of the situation is that White cannot play 31 RxKt due to the 'threat of mate by 31 . . . Q-Kt4ch; 32 K-R2, R-B7ch; etc.

31 K-R2 Kt-Kt5ch

Of course the Kt cannot be captured. R-B7ch followed by mate would be the answer.

33 Kt-K4 Kt-B7

34 P-Q6ch K-R1

35 Q-KKt3 ' KtxKt

36 RxKt R-B7ch

37 K-R1 R-B8ch

38 RxR RxRch

The -position is lost. Black threatens mate in 2 beginning with R-R8ch. White's best move is 40 Q-Kt2, which would be answered by 40 . . . R-B7 winning the Q and the game.

40 Q-QB3 R-B7ch

White resigned, as mate in two more moves cannot be avoided.

U. S. Championship Preliminaries March, 1938 ENGLISH OPENING

M. Hanauer


J. Balint


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